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    Your business sign is often the first impression your potential customers will have of you.

    With channel letter signage, your brand makes a positive impact before your customers even enter your business. Inland Signs, Inc is a top-rated designer for San Bernardino, CA, illuminated signage letters serving businesses of all sizes across a range of industries.

    Let us help you create a professional first impression with creative, beautiful, durable, and affordable channel signage.

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    There are three main types of illumination for letters for outdoor signs, front-lit, back-lit, and combination. The type of illumination you select can impact your visibility and impact passing potential customers.

    • Front-lit (face illuminated) channel letters signs.
      Front-lit channel letters illuminate the front, or face, of the letters. These letters have aluminum siding with acrylic or polycarbonate facing.

      Inside, LED or neon lights provide illumination.

      Here, there is some helpful terminology you need to know. The “face” is the front part of the letter that is illuminated. The “back” is the part that is used for mounting. The “trim cap” is the siding that attaches the face to the sides. The “return” is the siding.

      Front-lit channel signage is perhaps the easiest option to customize.

    • Back-lit channel letters.
      Back-lit channel letters signage is sometimes also called halo or reverse channel signage because of how the illumination creates a background glow that can make the sign look like it is suspended in thin air, especially in low light conditions.

      These letters are made differently from front-lit channel letters. The face is typically aluminum, but in some cases the could have an overlaminate of another type of specialty metal, and the return is aluminum.

      This type of San Bernardino, CA channel letter is a particularly great choice if your storefront is a soft neutral color on stucco, concrete or aluminum.

    • Combination Channel letters.
      Combination channel letters bring together the benefits of both front-lit and back-lit signage. The face is made of polycarbonate or acrylic, and the returns are aluminum.

      But the back of each letter is composed of a clear acrylic backing, so the light from the LED or neon bulbs floods out. This allows the lettering to be illuminated from the front and rear.

    How Channel Letters Drive Business To You

    Inland Signs, Inc specializes in channel letter signage can help set your company in San Bernardino, CA, apart from competitors.

    We have helped many businesses here in San Bernardino, CA achieve their sales goals and grow their business.

    Our commitment to you is to provide high quality, durable, professional signage that works for your budget. Whether you have a small one-time project or an ongoing need for new signage, we are on call to serve you.


    Inland Signs Inc Provides One-Stop Shopping For Channel Letter Signs

    Channel letter fabrication in San Bernardino, CA, has become much faster and easier in recent years. With standardization in dimension, materials, lighting, and fabrication technology, we can provide deep customization and still deliver rapid turnaround time.

    Here at Inland Signs, Inc, we use only the highest quality materials and lighting solutions, so your signs will be long-lasting and beautiful. You get more signage for less investment with our in-house design, fabrication, and manufacturing process.

    The process begins with the initial consultation. You will meet with our expert, knowledgeable team to outline your channel letter signage project’s vision and goals. We will work with you to choose just the right colors, graphics, materials, lighting styles, and installation methods to achieve the results you need.

    If you have questions or are not sure which options will best promote your business, we can consult with you on all of the following:

    • Signage type, size, and placement.
    • Mounting options (direct, raceway, backer, et al.).
    • Sign permits.
    • Budget management.
    • Integration with local restrictions or surrounding environment.

    As your project proceeds, we keep you advised at each step of the way so you know what to expect and when your sign will be delivered and installed.

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