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    Turn Foot Traffic Into Customers With Channel Letter Signs

    Looking to make a good lasting impression on your clients and your surroundings as a business? Building your name as a business makes you stand out from your competition. It’s all about the first impression. The first impression sticks, and that never changes. We look to maintain traffic in and out of your business premises. We aim to create a good business image. Channel letter signage is one of the most promising methods of branding. We are the leading, best-rated channel signage designer in Ontario, CA. We bring quality, creativity and professionalism to your business. Brand presentation matters a lot for business marketing, which is why we are here for you. Your ideas are met with creativity and professionalism, creating the brand signs that your business needs.

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    We Offer A Variety Of Channel Letter Signs For Ontario, CA Businesses

    Channel letter signage is the use of illuminated large lettering used for outdoor signage purposes. It is a commendable choice for retailers and business owners. Basically, we deal in two types of channel letters, and the difference is based on how they are illuminated.

    • Front-lit channel letters

      These are the most common type of channel letters. They are also known as face-illuminated letter faces and make use of front-lit or standard letters. The letter block is made of aluminum on both sides. LEDs or neon lights are used to illuminate the face of the letter.

      Simply put, the signs have an acrylic face with aluminum backs and returns and make use of trim caps. The face of the sign is made using either acrylic or polycarbonate. Some of the terminologies used in channel letter signage are returns, trim caps, and the backs. The trim cap supports the face of the letter to the return while the return creates the dimensional aspect of the letter.

      Front-lit channel letters are easily customizable, making them a good choice for their versatility.

    • Backlit channel letters/ halo or reverse channel letters
      The Ontario CA channel letter is designed to give this halo effect made with aluminum and stainless steel. They utilize metal faces and have aluminum returns. The halo light effect is impressive. It creates the illusion of a suspended, glowing sign. The best results are seen when they are used on soft-colored aluminum, concrete, and stucco. LED backlighting is what makes these signs stand out. Even when it is raining or dark, these signs can be seen from miles away. The signs draw customers out at any time because they are visible.

    • Combined back/front-lit channel letters
      They combine the two methods of channel lettering. The letter sides are aluminum, the faces polycarbonate, and the sign’s back let open to reflect the illumination from the LED or neon lights.

    Channel Letters Bring Customers To Your Door

    If you are looking for quality in letter signage here in Ontario, CA, choose Inland Signs Inc.. Join the leading businesses in Ontario CA, in choosing us for channel letter signage. They take pride in our services. We guarantee you excellent and professional signage. Our team of professionals put in all the work to meet your orders with quality and meticulousness. We take on many tasks, large, small, simple, or seemingly difficult. With us, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. We are a leading Ontario, CA channel letter signage dealer.


    From Fabrication To Maintenance, Inland Signs Inc Is Your One Stop Shop For Channel Letters

    Channel letter fabrication is guided by dimension and functionality. The process has been simplified with defined technological and lighting systems. In the past, channel fabrication methods were poorly understood; therefore, channel letters were a long and complicated process. However, with Inland Signs Inc., we customize your channel letters embracing brilliant graphic design skills and light technologies. The fabrication uses automated broaching. This approach ensures uniformity and accuracy. Having the best team we guarantee you excellence in every channel fabrication aspect. We use high-quality materials, original non-faulty LED lights, good metal bars, nuts, and good quality plastic.

    Inland Signs Inc. is Ontario, CA’s most preferred channel letter signs installer. We are a reputable firm that specializes in signage fabrication. We offer consultancy services where all the brainstorming happens. During the open discussions, we listen to what you have in mind and discuss your business’s right signage option. Some of the details we talk about include:

    • Type of signage

    • Mounting options including direct mount, raceway mount or backer mount options

    • Budget

    • Permitting

    • The environment surrounding your business.

    We take you through our signage portfolio to prompt the creative thought process and design usable concepts and mockups for the sign. This is followed by conceiving appropriate techniques to build the sign guided by our elite professionals. Signage fabrication begins when the client confirms satisfaction and confidence in the concepts. Budget review and a bill estimate are given based on the services being given.

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      Are You Looking To Stand Out Against Your Competitors? Consider Additional Signage

      On top of professionalism and reliability, businesses choose us because we have so much to offer. We deal in all manner of signage options such as

      • Architectural signs
      • Channel letters
      • Monuments
      • Pylon Signs
      • Master sign programs

      Architectural signs

      Architectural signage differs slightly. They come with an architectural building element integrating both the business identity, building materials and the design. The nature of the business dictates the choice of materials to be used. It is dependent on the statement you want to make the message you want to imply. The monuments and architectural signs can be constructed using stone, brick, marble or glass. They are employed on monuments in museums, schools, churches and hospitals. Bearing in mind that architectural signs are exposed amid the snow and scorching sun, a major consideration is the use of durable, long-lasting paints and coats made to last.

      Monument signs

      They can be used as a stunning entrance into premises or as multi-tenant options, just like pylon sign. Like other architectural signs, they come with the building aspect. They are put up from the ground, unlike poles or pillars hoisted with the sign placed at the top. Monuments are quite exposed, and since they occupy relatively more space than pillars and posts, they can be subjected to harsh weather, which makes them susceptible to rapid degradation. Monument signs are traditional and grounded which gives a sense of timelessness and respect.

      Pylon signs

      Pylon signs are used when businesses, say in a business park, want to establish a presence. They list the number of businesses within the shopping center. The Pylon signs help to save tremendously on marketing budgets. All business names within the building are lined up in a list of the pylon message boards. Other than identification, pylon poles and message boards are placed up for directional purposes.

      Businesses throughout Ontario CA prefer pylon signage from us because we have fantastic pylon signage, poles, and message boards. Also, using pylon signage helps to declutter buildings crammed with business logos and banners. The buildings remain modern and neat. The businesses are easily identified from the pylon signs than scanning through the entire building looking through business banners pasted on walls and doors.

      Custom Signage

      They are a product of creative flair and adventurousness. Because they are unique, different techniques are employed to come up with custom signs. At Inland Signs, our professionals develop functional, concepts and ideal mockups, which they implement and finally give you the ideal custom that shows your identity while being functional and practical. Custom signage is a large minefield whereby, coupled with creativity and exploration, one can develop inconceivable designs.

      Seeing that it is an extension of creativity, we value each customer’s opinion and accommodate our clients’ preferences. Look for channel letter signs near me, our goal is to ensure that we promote our local companies in Ontario, CA, by choosing us for stellar signage quality. Call us today to for our consultation services and the signage products we offer. We offer installation and routine maintenance services carried out by trusted professionals.

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