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    Monument Signage Helps Companies in Ontario, CA Grow

    As a business owner in Ontario, CA or the surrounding area, you should be in a position to look for a signage strategy that will suit your company. Procuring your business’s monument signs may be an interesting step, especially if you own a retail store. Ontario, CA, and surrounding areas monument signs act as beacons for the entrance to the office or premises. With Inland Signs, Inc. Ontario, CA monument signage, you will get better brand awareness, store recognition, and a larger client base.


    Inland Signs Inc. Covers The Entire Monuments Signs Process

    Installing monument signs might be a huge decision. As a decision-maker, your primary focus should be on looking at the fine details. Although the main focus is on the monument construction and design process, some of the factors that should be prioritized include:

    Municipal Permits

    When you want to build large entrance signage in a business park, you need to consider municipal permits. In some instances, you may be required to produce the Ontario, CA, or surrounding areas architectural signage blueprints. Furthermore, in extreme cases, you will be requested to produce the city permits. When working with a signage company, it will be easier to navigate the legal terms. Also, such a company can help when it comes to handling the paperwork.

    Each city has sign code parameters, and they are always based on the density of each neighborhood. Some country-limitations also need to be considered. Some of the present common restrictions include overall sign area maximums, height limitations, and outright bans on different exterior signage options.

    As a business owner, make sure you have perused through all these limitations regarding monument signs near me. You can factor in each of these limitations during the exterior signs design process.

    Monument Signage Materials

    A decade ago, people would rely on brick and mortar construction. Currently, there are different alternatives that you can choose from. The monument signs can easily match your businesses’ personality. Some of the Inland Signs Inc. materials that you can opt for include:

    • Aluminum.
    • HDU (high-density urethane).
    • Concrete block.
    • Poured concrete monument signs.
    • Metal.
    • Stucco.
    • Stone.
    • Wood.


    If you have considered installing stone monument signs, you should consider factors such as placement depending on your business location. You may have come up with an appealing Ontario, CA architectural signs, but if no one can spot the monument sign from across the street, you will incur some losses since the sign will not make a difference.

    Make sure the sign is visible from approximately 100 feet away. You can start by using a mock sign to test the visibility factor from across the road. The sign angle also matters. Keep in mind that during the day, the surrounding objects will cast a shadow. If you conduct most of your business activities in the morning, ensure the clients can see the sign instead of a shadowy object.


    The monument designers should consider factors such as simplicity. For some of the newbies, there is the temptation to overdo everything during the design phase.

    Some iconic monument signs are relatively simple, and they have also adhered to some of the basic elements. In such an instance, the creator may have focused on ensuring the design will reflect the business’ aesthetic value while also capturing the passersby’s attention.

    Illumination of the Monument Signs

    There are different zoning restrictions that can prohibit the illumination for various reasons. If lighting is permitted in your district, Inland Signs Inc. has a variety of options for creating illuminated signage.

    You can choose between different options, including lightboxes, channel letters, and LED message boards. The selection depends on your preferences. Always keep in mind that the messaging should be interchangeable if you are using digital signage. If you have a vast product lineup, such an option would be ideal for your business.


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    If you are in pursuit of more professional tips about monument signage, you can consult some of the expert monument signage firms in Ontario, CA.

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    Questions To Ask Your Commercial Sign Company

    Besides looking into some of the factors that you should consider when choosing a monument sign, you should get some additional details. Some of the questions you may ask such professionals include; “which is the most suitable sign for my store?” The signage companies usually offer different outdoor solutions depending on the budget and applications. LED Displays come in handy if you are looking for an eye-catching monument sign. Additional questions you should ask include:

    A monument sign is an exterior fixture that varies in size. It may be medium or tall sized. It also stands freely outside a commercial building; the permanent fixtures are created using a concrete foundation. Such fixtures are bound to catch the attention of the passerby since they are classified as potential clients.
    Some people may confuse the monument signs for pylon signs since they are also tall and suited to highways and industrial areas that may require a greater viewpoint. The main point to note when dealing with monument signs is that they are more versatile.
    The monument signs are suitable for different locations, including neighborhoods, shopping centers, church parking lots, gated communities, business lots, and school campuses. The signs are ideal for places that are not close to the street. As long as your business has a monument sign, potential clients can easily locate your business premises. Monument signs can also be placed at the entry point of any city.
    Monument signs can be customized depending on the preferences of each client. The material being used to construct the signs also matters. The custom-made signs usually make use of acrylic channel letters, and they are in the form of a dynamic 3-dimensional lettering style that may be used in different places. The lettering can be used for lobby signs and illuminated monuments. Our designers can assist you with the graphics and aesthetics to ensure the sign is of high quality.

    Standard monument signs usually use sturdy materials such as stucco, concrete, glass, aluminum, steel, stone, bricks, sandblasted wood, and other materials. The monument signs are also illuminated using LED lights, and that means people passing by the street can easily notice the signs. The flexibility revolving around the architectural signs allows the unconventional materials, including EPS foam. Such materials ensure the signs are of good quality.

    When you consider installing a monument sign in Ontario, CA, make sure you are conversant with the region’s legal requirements. There are some regions whereby there are limitations regarding the height of the monument signs. For example, in some areas, the signs should not go beyond six feet, whereas in other regions, the signs will go beyond 10 feet. Ensure you have scrutinized the sign permits to find out some of the options that may be legally compliant. Our team will help guide you through the permitting process.
    • Expanding the brand.
    • Displaying the business information.
    • Monuments help to give directions to the business location.
    • Advertising discounts and business offers.

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      It is advisable to look for a professional signage company that can offer custom-made designs. The commercial signage company should also be in a position to provide unrivaled levels of client satisfaction. The signage company should also be able to offer some advice regarding the best places to install the monument signs and all that. Quality services also matter such that you will get value for your money.

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