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    Helping Companies Grow With Monument Signage In Corona, CA

    Business owners look to us to provide them with the best sign and brand representation in the area. Inland Signs, Inc. designs and builds monument signs for businesses in Corona, CA. Monument signs are great anchors for entrances and showcasing a business’s name. Our company strives to deliver the best entrance signage from increased customer traffic to bring better awareness to your brand.


    The Monument Signs Process

    From design to installation of stone monument signs in Corona, we make the process easy for you. As a business owner, you have more important things to deal with than being consumed with following up with a sign company to ensure you get the sign you want. Below we have listed the process and the things we handle while still providing your significant decisions and budget.

    Municipal Permits For Signs In Corona, CA

    When building large entrance signage, whether in a business park, retail, or individual location, municipal permits are obtained. You may need architectural blueprints for the sign or even need to get documents from the city for some installations.

    This particular part of the process is best handled when you have employed a sign company that will navigate and will help you manage this step. From height and width limitations to lighting and distance to the road, code parameters in each location are different. We encourage business owners to look over their local regulations to help them decide what sign is right for them.

    Monument Signage: How Are They Made?

    In the past, monument signs were mainly brick and mortar. As time and technology have progressed, there are now alternatives such as aluminum, stucco, stone, metal, high-density urethane, and more to create monument signage.

    Placement Of The Signage

    Corona architectural signage should be placed appropriately to represent the business both day and night. The sign needs to be visible from 100 feet away, so we suggest using a mock sign for testing visibility. It will help you see if there are any shadows on your signage in the daytime. We have lighting choices and materials that will help give your sign the best glow possible for nighttime displays.

    Designing Your Sign

    At Inland Signs, Inc., our designers will help you create your sign idea or custom design it with your input. We help steer you with our knowledge and experience to get the sign you want and the sign you need. Our rule of thumb is simplicity.

    We strive to create a sign for you that will best represent your brand while keeping it clean and simple yet uniquely you.

    Lighted Monument Signs

    As mentioned above, lighting in certain areas may have zoning restrictions that prohibit illumination or the type of lights used for exterior signage. If lighting is permitted, we have various types of lighting that will suit you and your area. At Inland Signs, Inc., we have multiple light choices for you to pick from, such as lightboxes, channel letters, and LED message boards.

    Depending on your preference, needs, and zoning, we can help you create an illuminated monument sign for your business in Corona, CA. Regarding your needs, if you have an extensive product line, digital signage would be an excellent option for your business.


    We Are The Corona, CA Preferred Monument Signage Company

    In Corona, CA, we are the best commercial sign company, and we offer a wide range of sign options. Have you been looking for “monument signs near me”? If so, then you have most likely seen one of our signs. Feel free to contact us for a consultation and let us help you create your new sign. Below are a few questions we encourage new sign seekers to ask when searching for a commercial sign company.

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    Questions To Ask When Searching For A Commercial Sign Company

    From understanding the different types of signage they offer to what they include in their process, there are several questions to ask when hiring a commercial sign company. Questions we frequently answer for our clients are:

    Monument signage varies in size and is considered an anchor for business parks, retail shopping centers, office complexes, and individual companies. This exterior sign can be either medium to tall in size. They will stand freely and utilize a concrete foundation.

    This type of sign is often confused with a pylon sign due to its height. Both types of signage are tall; however, pylon signs are more suited for industrial areas and highways. Also, monument signs are more versatile than pylon signs.

    A monument sign is suitable for various locations, including:

    • Neighborhoods
    • Business parks
    • School campuses
    • Churches
    • Shopping Centers

    You will typically see these signs at locations that are not that close to the street. They denote entry points and are often used as welcome signs to cities and towns.

    Corona monument signage is customizable. We can use a multitude of materials to create exterior signs. Whether it’s acrylic or polycarbonate-faced channel letters or digital message boards, our designers will be happy to assist you in choosing the appropriate signage for your business. Custom designs will involve consults on graphics, aesthetics, location, and materials to ensure you receive a high-quality sign and perfect for your business.

    Most Corona monument signs will be constructed of sturdy, durable materials in the outdoor elements. Often used materials are stucco, concrete or concrete blocks, bricks, stone, glass, or various metals (aluminum, steel, etc.). Most monument signs are illuminated, usually with LED lights.

    These versatile signs are are easy to fit a current aesthetic and blend in yet still stand out. Unconventional materials like EPS foam are sometimes used as well with monument signs in Corona. At Inland Signs, Inc., we use the best materials available to build our commercial signage.

    Monuments signs, and any sign for that matter, will require some type of permitting. Because monument signs require structural integrity and involve electrical components, these permanent structures often require permits and even blueprints.

    When considering monument sign installation in Corona, you must know your local laws concerning signage. We are also happy to help you get through the red tape. Whether it’s lighting, distance, size, or materials, we will make sure that we have all the permits and information needed before construction occurs.

    A monument sign can help your business in numerous ways. They not only expand your brand but also display business information and help direct customers to you. These types of signs can also help to advertise and showcase business offers.

    At Inland Signs, Inc., we look forward to helping our clients on their new sign journey. We know that it is not as simple as just placing your name on something and putting it up. Signage is a crucial component in a business’s branding and marketing. If you would like to learn more about our signs and services, give us a call and let us set up a consultation for you.

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      It is advisable to look for a professional signage company that can offer custom-made designs. The commercial signage company should also be in a position to provide unrivaled levels of client satisfaction. The signage company should also be able to offer some advice regarding the best places to install the monument signs and all that. Quality services also matter such that you will get value for your money.

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