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    Do you own a business in Irvine, CA, or nearby this area? Do you want to add a signage strategy to your unique business marketing plan? Are you thinking about adding Irvine monument signs to your retail business that will showcase your business theme and motto? If so, you are in the right place. We want to use our Irvine, CA, signs to help your business succeed. You can count on these signs to act as beacons to your property. When you choose Inland Signs, Inc. for your Irvine monument signage, you are going to be able to attain your goals quicker and easier through brand awareness, store recognition, and an extensive customer reach. You can be sure that your customers will remember your signage. It will level up your business.


    Inland Signs, Inc. Takes Cares of the Complete Process

    Stone monument signs in Irvine can change a charmless entryway into one that looks professionally designed. Choosing to have these types of signs installed can be one of the most important decisions for your business. Think about the fantastic benefits that come from adding these types of signs to your business. Some of the factors to think about at the early stage of procuring professional signs include, but do not stop at:

    Municipal Permits

    A municipal permit is a requirement that you should consider when adding large signage to your business park entryway. You may need to show Irvine, CA, or the surrounding area architectural signage blueprints. You may also need to show city permits. When you work with Inland Signs, Inc., you can easily navigate the legal process. Our professionals will take care of the paperwork and handle all legal issues that arise.

    There are sign code parameters for every city based on each neighborhood’s density. It is essential to consider all country limitations. Some common Irvine, CA limitations involve height limitations, area limitations, and the prohibition of certain exterior signs.

    It is important for you as a business owner to make sure that your options comply with the restrictions and rules of Irvine, CA. It can be very frustrating to have a sign put up just the way that you want it and then have to have it taken down because of the city. Some restrictions have wording that can put business owners at a disadvantage. If something is not right, there is no need to worry if you are dealing with us. We will make certain that your sign is compliant so that you can focus on other things.

    Monument Signage Materials

    The material you choose for your new exterior signage will affect your budget and overall design. You no longer have to select brick and mortar sign construction. Instead, you can go with a wide variety of alternatives that will blend in with your business theme. The creation process that your sign goes through and the type of finish that you decide to go with will greatly influence the cost of your sign. There are many different materials to choose from including, but not only:

    • Aluminum.
    • HDU (high-density urethane).
    • Concrete block.
    • Poured concrete monument signs.
    • Metal.
    • Stucco.
    • Stone.
    • Wood.


    Whether you have a large or small business, you know how important an attractive sign can be for your business. Your sign should look good, but its placement is key. If your sign is not as visible as it needs to be, it cannot do its job right. One of the best reasons to choose Inland Signs, Inc. is because we offer a pre-consultation service that will help you find the most noticeable spot for your sign. We want to make certain that your sign can be noticed from a minimum of 100 feet away. Our team will also provide mock signs that will test the location of your sign before the real one is installed. We will consider the angle of the sign along with a lot of other criteria. Our team wants to be sure that objects around the sign will not cast shadows on the sign.


    Our expert designers understand how to add simplicity to the overall design of your sign. From a warm metal to a charming wood, there will always be a design balance no matter what type of sign you choose from us. Many businesses are going with a more modern look to attract attention, and combining two materials can be a great way to make a statement. There are so many choices when it comes to having a custom sign designed around your unique business needs.

    Illumination of the Signs

    In some zones, there may be illuminating restrictions. If lighting is allowed in your specific area, we can give you different choices when choosing the right illuminated sign for your business.

    There are a variety of choices. You may want to go with LED message boards, channel letters, or light-boxes. The right choice will depend on your unique needs. We will make certain that you can change your message if you pick out digital signage. Having a way to modify your message can be a great benefit.


    A First-Rate Monument Sign Manufacturer In Irvine, CA

    If you want a stone or wood monument sign in Irvine, CA, we can help. You do not have to wait for sign services to get back to you around their schedule or for search lists to turn up a lead. Instead, call us to receive a free quote today.

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    Questions For A Sign Manufacturer

    There are so many dazzling monument sign choices available. It is essential to think about your business needs before you decide on the correct sign. It is important to ask questions so that you can make informed choices. Some questions to ask a commercial sign manufacturer include:

    This type of sign can be medium or tall-sized, and it will stand freely outside of your building. These are the types of signs that will attract attention to potential clients passing by your store. This company can customize signs for you with ease. When you are looking for monument signs near me, go ahead and talk with professionals who can create the perfect sign for your unique needs.
    Pylon sign options will be best suited for industrial areas or highways since they are so tall and offer a more significant viewpoint than the more versatile monument sign options.
    A monument sign is great for many different locations like shopping malls, neighborhoods, gated communities, parking lots, business lots, schools, and more. This type of sign will help draw in potential customers with ease.
    Monument signs can be customized depending on the client. Most custom-made options are made out of acrylic channel letters in a 3-dimensional style. Lettering is going to be well-illuminated monuments and lobby signs. Our expert designers will help you with the aesthetics and graphics to ensure that your sign is made just the way you want it.
    There are many different architectural options like EPS foam. You can choose from concrete, steel, stucco, stone, sandblasted wood, bricks, and more.
    You will have to see what your unique requirements are. There may be height limits for monument signs. This company can help guide you throughout the permitting process.
    These signs will help create brand awareness, allow people to find your location with ease, advertise your discounts and offers, and give out information about your business.

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      Have you considered monument signage for your business in Irvine, CA as a business owner? By having a monument sign for your business, you can ensure that people are aware of the products and services you provide. Because monument signs are so adaptable, they can be used for a variety of purposes. In addition, the signage can be attractive in residential neighborhoods and villages.

      It’s a good idea to find a competent signage firm that can create personalized designs. In addition, the business signage company should be able to give unequaled levels of customer satisfaction. The signage business should also provide some guidance on where the monument signs should be placed and such. Quality services are also important if you want to get the most bang for your buck.

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