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    Inland Signs Inc. services all of Southern California

    Inland Signs Inc. is a full service sign company. Since 1999 we’ve been bringing brands to life through creative signage solutions. Inland Signs Inc. offers in-house self performing capabilities. Our expertise allows us to get a project started quickly, and provide you with estimating and value engineering that will save you time and money, while guaranteeing you an excellent finished product. Our continuing success depends on our ability to demonstrate the quality of services we provide and the outcomes we achieve for our customers.

    • SIE 1776
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    Architectural signs complement design elements of a building or complex. They are typically associated with a structural element of a building and classified as high-end and artistic signs.

    Channel letter signage is one of the most traditional branding methods, and we are the leading, best-rated channel signage designer in Southern California. Channel letters are commonly used on commercial buildings, both interior & exterior. They are designed in many custom options such as halo, backlit, foam, illuminated/non-illuminated. See our gallery

    Interior signs are designed to create a welcoming first impression upon entry of a building. They are typically used in the lobby and create a professional presence for customers. Inland Signs Inc. specializes in interior signage and custom designs to meet our client’s needs. See our gallery

    Our signs can be customized to your needs to make sure they are ADA compliant. We have specialized equipment designed to manufacture ADA/Braille Signs for any application efficiently.

    Inland Signs Inc. specializes in all types of wayfinding signage, specifically identification, directional, information, and regulatory signs. We manufacture custom wayfinding signs for the best quality and customer satisfaction.

    Pylon signs are freestanding signs supported by one to two pipes and are generally significantly taller than monument signs. Pylons can be used in many applications with the most popular being by highways in order to increase brand visibility and marketing – leading to a potential increase in revenue. Inland Signs Inc. manufactured and installed the 100 ft Palm Court Pylon Sign – showing our strong manufacturing & engineering capabilities. See our gallery

    Monument signs are freestanding signs that are detached from the main structure or complex. The signs are designed at various lengths and heights to draw maximum attention and increase brand awareness for the companies/tenants marketed on the sign. Monuments can be single-sided, double-sided, L-shaped, and other various custom designs. See our gallery

    Inland Signs Inc. specializes in custom fabricated signs. This is our differentiator, as custom signs require more engineering creativity in design, manufacturing, and installation. These high-end signs are exceptional in branding and marketing. See our gallery


    Inland Signs Inc. has invested in advanced ERP solutions to manage projects from beginning to end smoothly. We cover all aspects of the sign order to ensure high customer satisfaction and on-time delivery.

    From design to final plans and production, our clients are personally involved in every facet of their own product design, from the conceptual design stage to the final plans and actual production.

    Obtaining permits is a critical process to ensure that the sign investment is secured by city code and standards. We have a professional team experienced in permit laws and regulations to attain city permits for your sign needs successfully.

    We dedicate ourselves to providing the best engineering solutions for your signage needs. We have over 30 years of technical experience that solve any sign challenges and drive solutions to increase customer satisfaction. Our Engineering team is the key competitive differentiator that drives the quality product we produce.

    The intent of sign programs is to provide guidelines necessary to achieve a visually coordinated and appealing sign environment in a complex or center.

    Upon completing the sign, we have professional installers who will handle any signs. These specialists have the proper training and equipment to work on small and large installations. We deliver not only the best quality signs but also the best craft at all job sites.

    Inland Signs Inc. wholly owns the subsidiary company: Inland Custom Manufacturing (ICM). ICM specializes in fabrication customized requests that are non-signage. We have experience in fabricating various products such as canopies, window seals, fences, and other products.

    Imagine having a billboard on your business window. Transparent LED Poster Signs are a unique product designed to draw your customers in from a significant distance. LED poster signs are the best advertising solution available for shop windows today. Unlike traditional window posters, they enable you to update content easily and frequently while also allowing external light to come in from the outside. They can be seen 24/7, even in direct sunlight.

    Recent Projects

    Inland Signs installed the signs at the hotel we just renovated and the service was excellent.
    Very good quality work was performed by the installation crew.

    Mike P.

    Joe Silva is the man to ask for. We currently have a sign in the works by them, and even though it has not been installed yet, the patience and customer service from them has been great. We changed our mind a few times and ran into a couple snags with our association, but Joe was always patient, and never acted like I was inconveniencing him. Can’t wait to see what the finished product looks like!

    Ashley M.

    We hired inland signs for our location in woodland hills and are very pleased with the quality of work and customer service. Dave was great to communicate with and the installers did an excellent job. I highly recommend them and will hire them again in the future.

    Vanina H.

    Great service from Dave He made the whole process easy: from applying for sign permit to making sure that the installation is 100 % completed. He kept us posted all the time. Great sign and service. Thank you Dave.

    Anna H.

    San Bernardino, CA’s Best Commercial Sign Company

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    San Bernardino, CA’s Best Commercial Sign Company


      Elevate Your Company Presence with San Bernardino, CA Commercial Signs

      Signs are an essential part of local business marketing. Now more than ever, you need to make sure your customers know where you are and that you are open to serve them. There are many reasons why businesses should consider using commercial signs.

      Signs can include all the relevant information for your company, including store hours, location and cross-streets, services, discounts, and competitive advantage.

      Don’t use generic signs when you can get a customized sign for your business at an affordable price. Here at Inland Signs, Inc, we specialize in customized signs for all types of businesses. We can build your custom sign to boost your business.

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      Inland Signs, Inc Fulfills All Of Your Commercial Signage Needs

      When your customer is driving by on the street outside, you want to save them time by letting them know you can meet all their needs.

      Different signs appeal to different customer groups, and we can help you find the perfect sign to grab your customers’ attention.

      Our friendly, knowledgeable sales associates have decades of experience working with signs of all shapes and sizes. We can handle the design, fabrication, transportation, and installation of all the signs your company needs.

      • Pylon Signs
        Pylon signs are very common and popular. With a pylon sign, you can include a logo, slogan, brand message, contact information, and much more.

        One of the smartest uses for pylon signs is to help your customers find your location. You don’t want your customers to drive by, miss you, and get frustrated and give up! A well-placed pylon sign will have them to your location in no time.

        Pylon signs are also a fantastic way to do local marketing without breaking your budget: post special offers, discounts, member clubs, and more on your customized pylon sign.

      • Monument (Ground) Signs
        Monument signs are typically permanent or semi-permanent. They are the perfect solution for a heavy-duty, durable way to announce your presence and market your business locally.

        These signs typically feature your brand logo, company name, and street address, although many monument signs offer additional room for other information as well.

        Different sizes, shapes, materials, colors, and fonts are available to make your monument sign stand out from the competition.

      • Channel Letters
        Channel letter signage is the formal term for the lettering that spells out the name of your business. Channel letters can also include your business logo or slogan.

        Channel letters make your San Bernardino company look professional and add an extra layer of street visibility. There are lots of design options to suit the needs of every type of business, from fun neon backlighting for contemporary or kid-friendly businesses to formal san serif fonts for financial or legal companies.

        Font size, type, shape, nighttime visibility, and other factors can contribute to the success of your channel letters. Our knowledgeable, experienced staff consults with your company owners to determine the right look for your business.

      • Wall Signs
        Wall signs can be effective for indoor or outdoor use, although indoor use is more common. These signs are designed to hang on the wall to advertise your company’s products and services, provide customers with directions to facilities, or simply provide a nice atmosphere.

        Wall signs help to personalize your business location and make customers feel good about choosing to shop with you. We can create any style or size of wall signs. Illumination can be a fun option for nighttime visibility or simply to add color and vitality to your showroom.

        Wall sign customization options include font, color, background image, slogan and logo, illumination, material type, hanging method, and more.

      • Informational or Wayfinding Signage
        Informational signs are designed to create a uniform look and feel to your building(s). If you have multiple locations, information signs help create brand continuity between locations.

        Informational signs are a great way to create customer comfort while inside your store or shop. Signs often include directions to emergency exits, bathrooms, information stations, maps, visitor and permit parking, gift shop, cafe, and similar types of instructions.

        Your informational signs package can be fully customized to match your brand color, style, font and the look and feel of your business itself.

      • Blade or Project Signs
        Blade signs (also known as project signs) offer a variety of mounting options to increase your company’s visibility from the street level. Foot traffic and local motorists can see a blade sign more easily than a sign flush-mounted to your storefront.

        All of our blade or project signs come with full customization options, including lighting for nighttime or low-light visibility.

      • Digital Outdoor Signs
        Digital outdoor signs represent one of the best and most economical ways to provide constant signage while still changing up your messaging as needed. These LED signs are weather-resistant and durable. Changing the message is as simple as heading to your computer and keying in the new information you want your sign to display.

        These modern signs are like purchasing unlimited billboards for the cost of a single sign. Digital outdoors signs are one of the more popular San Bernardino outdoor commercial signs we create for our customers.

      • Awning Signs
        Awning signs are lettered on a vinyl canopy with or without backlighting. These signs add class and visual appeal to your storefront or business. But they do more than just add that extra visual pop to your brand.

        Some styles of awning signs can also double as weather protection for customers during inclement weather since they project out from your building and provide a bit of shelter from rain, snow, and heat.

      • Dimensional Letters
        Dimensional letters are like channel letters with extra illumination. Dimensional letters are made from acrylic or metal to create a 3D-type appearance with the aid of color and strategic lighting.

        Dimensional letters are one of the most popular types of San Bernardino outdoor commercial signs our company makes.

        Do a search for storefront signs near me with your local address to find our nearest location so you can order your awning signs.

      What We Offer to You Our Valued Customer

      We have been operating as your local San Bernardino commercial sign company since as far back as 1999.

      Our many years of experience creating San Bernardino custom building signs means we can advise you quickly and expertly about the best type of signage to suit your budget and business goals and needs.

      When new customers perform a search for a building sign company near me, our five-star ratings speak for themselves and attest to our success helping businesses improve their visibility and generate new sales.

      Our in-house design team partners with you to craft a customized sign to help you stand out from your competitors and attract new customers.

      Whether your goal is to make customers feel more at home inside your store or put out the word about your newest seasonal special, we are the local San Bernardino sign company you can trust to do the job right the first time.

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      Happy Customer Testimonials Speak For Us

      Our network of happy customers is what makes us proud to show up to work each day. We want to make you the next delighted customer to leave us a five-star testimonial.

      Ask us about our wide variety of San Bernardino custom building signs for indoor and outdoor marketing, branding, advertising, and more.

      We have in-depth industry knowledge and practical hands-on experience to answer your most challenging questions about designing, mounting, and caring for your company signs.

      Our team works with your team to create a sign that stays true to your company name, logo, brand, and colors. We double and triple-check each order to make sure your signs are made exactly the way you want them to look.

      Enjoy Concierge Customer Service and End to End Project Management

      Here at Inland Signs, Inc, a hand-selected member of our professional signs team in San Bernardino, CA, will oversee your sign project from start to finish.

      We will keep you updated with progress reports, so you know exactly when to expect your beautiful and professional finished signs to be delivered and installed.

      Our estimate process is fast and easy. You will get a free, no-obligation estimate for the San Bernardino office building signs you are interested in ordering. The estimate will outline your order’s specifics and offer a project timeline from creation to manufacture to delivery to installation.

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      Our Commercial Signage Services in San Bernardino, CA

      These special services ensure our commercial customers receive a high level of personalized service you need and deserve.

      Allow us to introduce you to these commercial concierge services.

      With detailed oversight of your customized signage project, you will feel confident that the finished project precisely matches the signage you need.
      From the initial design discussion all the way to the delivery and installation, we will keep you abreast of the progress of your project with daily progress reports.
      Our high-quality commercial signs draw rave reviews from happy repeat customers. Our manufacturing process ensures your signs are durable, beautiful, long-lasting, and eye-catching while still being economical for every budget.
      Our San Bernardino commercial sign company employs our own sign installation professionals who have the industry knowledge and expertise to choose the right mounting and method for all sizes and shapes of signs.

      We are not happy until your custom commercial signs are installed and looking fantastic.

      We take the headache of applying for sign permits away from our commercial customers with our concierge sign permit applications service. Our in-house permit professionals will handle the application and follow-up required to obtain the permits you need for the signs you want.
      Our delivery and transportation team ensures that your signs will be delivered on time and in perfect condition. Our guarantee assures you that your signs will suffer no harm during transit or installation. Our shipping services offer local, regional, and nationwide options.
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      Why Do San Bernardino Businesses Choose Inland Signs, Inc for Commercial Signs?

      The San Bernardino office building signs we create and install are a true labor of love for our professional signage team. We love what we do, and it shows in each gorgeous sign we create for you.

      We bring a practiced eye and creativity, along with the latest cutting-edge signage trends for many different industries, to bear on your signage needs. Our customers know that when they order signs with us, they get first-class results with an affordable price tag.

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        Our Trusted 4 Step Commercial Signs Process

        We have been operating in the San Bernardino, CA sign business for more than two decades now. We have seen signage trends change over time. Many of our customers have returned time and again as they chose to update their logos or company colors and needed new signage to match.

        Along the way, we have been able to bring our considerable industry knowledge and expertise to bear to recommend the most durable, attractive, affordable materials with the right font, size, shape, and color to achieve their marketing and advertising objectives.

        We manufacture our signs from only the best materials so they will last as long as you need them to and look great the entire time.

        Here is an overview of our four-step sign process.

        Step 1

        Develop your content

        When a customer searches for commercial sign companies near me, our company is the first to appear because we are the content development pros.

        You only have a few seconds to grab a potential customer’s attention with your business signs. You want to make it count.

        So you need to choose exactly the right information to display on your sign. It needs to be the right size and the right font, so it is easy to read and remember.

        Our team will work with your team to ensure your signs have maximum visibility and impact and contain all the right information to grow your business.

        Step 2

        Determine the sign size

        When it comes to commercial signs, bigger doesn’t necessarily equal better. The sign use, placement, and lighting can all make it look smaller or bigger than it actually is.

        Sometimes, by choosing your font and colors strategically, you can get a bigger sign out of a smaller sign size. Our sign design professionals can work with your budget to find the exact design that meets your needs.

        Step 3

        Sign layout

        The layout of your commercial sign includes not just what your sign says, but where and how it says it.

        There are four basics of developing the most impactful sign layout: color, font, size and placement (of all).

        Of all the commercial sign companies near me that you could choose from, our team has a tremendous amount of combined industry expertise to put these four elements together into a perfect sign for you.

        You want the colors in your sign to match your brand colors and have maximum visibility and appeal. You need your logo to appear but don’t want it to overshadow the text. You are concerned about overall flow, so your sign is pleasing to the eye and easy to read for your customer. You want your sign to be visible in all kinds of weather and lighting.

        These are all the elements we address together in step 3.

        Step 4

        Sign Positioning & Installation

        Once we have the look and layout of your sign exactly the way you want it, the fourth step focuses on sign positioning.

        Positioning takes a look at the size of your sign relative to the proposed placement. We need to make sure that your sign isn’t swallowed up by your building or vice versa. There needs to be a balance, so your sign looks like it belongs there but still stands out to interested prospective customers.

        Let Inland Signs, Inc be your go-to company for commercial sign companies near me.

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        Why The Top Business In San Bernardino Choose Inland Signs, Inc

        Our customized concierge commercial signs services and white glove delivery and installation services will ensure you become our newest loyal repeat customer. We pride ourselves on delivering 100 percent customer satisfaction with every single sign order regardless of size, type, or quantity.

        Allow our team the chance to win your business and prove that we are the only San Bernardino custom building signs you need to grow your business.

        Great Signs Equal Great Communication

        In some sense, you are only as good as your ability to connect with your customers. Our high-quality, affordable, and durable commercial signs ensure you have maximum opportunity to connect with prospective customers and build brand loyalty.

        Our signage industry knowledge, together with your deep understanding of your customers’ needs, ensure we can create powerful signs that communicate effectively about what your business has to offer.

        Our signs will do their job well to send the right message to your customers about your brand, your quality, your customer service and your reputation in the industry.

        Cost-Effective Signs for Every Budget

        Your budget need not be an obstacle to accessing high-quality signs that are long-lasting, attractive, and effective.

        We have a wide variety of materials and sign sizes that you can choose from, whether you are just opening your doors on day one or you are about to celebrate your 10-year anniversary.

        Our cost-effective signage and marketing choices mean you get more marketing for less money. Our Inland Signs, Inc designers can recommend the right options to meet your budget and achieve your advertising and communication goals.

        Signs That Create Unbeatable Brand Recognition

        When your customers think of you, it is your branding that comes to mind. They may picture your logo, your slogan, your products or services. It is your signage that cements these elements in your customers’ minds-eye.

        Our signs help you solidify your connection with your customers so when they need what you are selling, you will be the first business they think about.

        Signs That Give Your Business the Competitive Advantage

        We never shy away from a little healthy competition. But we also aim to be the building sign company near me you want to choose.

        We know you want the same. The signs we design, manufacture, and install for you will be the same great signs we are using for our own two-decades-long successful signs business!

        Your signage is road-tested and ready to go because we have tested all of our options with customers of all industries for more than two decades.

        The signs you order from Inland Signs are built to last and outshine your competition.

        Signs to Bridge Your Online-Offline Customer Connection

        It is true that much of business marketing today is moving online. The online marketplace is growing and booming and is here to stay.

        The brick-and-mortar signs you use can help to bridge the distance between your company’s local store and your online e-commerce marketplace.

        Your signs can be used to advertise your website, online-only deals, and coupons, seasonal deals with free shipping, customer loyalty clubs, and so much more.

        Using attractive, eye-catching, classy signage to advertise your business also builds customer trust and the assurance that you are a fixture in your local San Bernardino CA community as well as online on the world wide web.

        The storefront signs near me company you choose will help your customers feel like they already know you and trust you before they even shop with you. This is true for both online and in-person customers.

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