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    Inland Signs Inc. services all of Southern California

    Inland Signs Inc. is a full service sign company. Since 1999 we’ve been bringing brands to life through creative signage solutions. Inland Signs Inc. offers in-house self performing capabilities. Our expertise allows us to get a project started quickly, and provide you with estimating and value engineering that will save you time and money, while guaranteeing you an excellent finished product. Our continuing success depends on our ability to demonstrate the quality of services we provide and the outcomes we achieve for our customers.

    • SIE 1776
    • SIE 1768
    • SIE 1742


    Architectural signs complement design elements of a building or complex. They are typically associated with a structural element of a building and classified as high-end and artistic signs.

    Channel letter signage is one of the most traditional branding methods, and we are the leading, best-rated channel signage designer in Southern California. Channel letters are commonly used on commercial buildings, both interior & exterior. They are designed in many custom options such as halo, backlit, foam, illuminated/non-illuminated. See our gallery

    Interior signs are designed to create a welcoming first impression upon entry of a building. They are typically used in the lobby and create a professional presence for customers. Inland Signs Inc. specializes in interior signage and custom designs to meet our client’s needs. See our gallery

    Our signs can be customized to your needs to make sure they are ADA compliant. We have specialized equipment designed to manufacture ADA/Braille Signs for any application efficiently.

    Inland Signs Inc. specializes in all types of wayfinding signage, specifically identification, directional, information, and regulatory signs. We manufacture custom wayfinding signs for the best quality and customer satisfaction.

    Pylon signs are freestanding signs supported by one to two pipes and are generally significantly taller than monument signs. Pylons can be used in many applications with the most popular being by highways in order to increase brand visibility and marketing – leading to a potential increase in revenue. Inland Signs Inc. manufactured and installed the 100 ft Palm Court Pylon Sign – showing our strong manufacturing & engineering capabilities. See our gallery

    Monument signs are freestanding signs that are detached from the main structure or complex. The signs are designed at various lengths and heights to draw maximum attention and increase brand awareness for the companies/tenants marketed on the sign. Monuments can be single-sided, double-sided, L-shaped, and other various custom designs. See our gallery

    Inland Signs Inc. specializes in custom fabricated signs. This is our differentiator, as custom signs require more engineering creativity in design, manufacturing, and installation. These high-end signs are exceptional in branding and marketing. See our gallery


    Inland Signs Inc. has invested in advanced ERP solutions to manage projects from beginning to end smoothly. We cover all aspects of the sign order to ensure high customer satisfaction and on-time delivery.

    From design to final plans and production, our clients are personally involved in every facet of their own product design, from the conceptual design stage to the final plans and actual production.

    Obtaining permits is a critical process to ensure that the sign investment is secured by city code and standards. We have a professional team experienced in permit laws and regulations to attain city permits for your sign needs successfully.

    We dedicate ourselves to providing the best engineering solutions for your signage needs. We have over 30 years of technical experience that solve any sign challenges and drive solutions to increase customer satisfaction. Our Engineering team is the key competitive differentiator that drives the quality product we produce.

    The intent of sign programs is to provide guidelines necessary to achieve a visually coordinated and appealing sign environment in a complex or center.

    Upon completing the sign, we have professional installers who will handle any signs. These specialists have the proper training and equipment to work on small and large installations. We deliver not only the best quality signs but also the best craft at all job sites.

    Inland Signs Inc. wholly owns the subsidiary company: Inland Custom Manufacturing (ICM). ICM specializes in fabrication customized requests that are non-signage. We have experience in fabricating various products such as canopies, window seals, fences, and other products.

    Imagine having a billboard on your business window. Transparent LED Poster Signs are a unique product designed to draw your customers in from a significant distance. LED poster signs are the best advertising solution available for shop windows today. Unlike traditional window posters, they enable you to update content easily and frequently while also allowing external light to come in from the outside. They can be seen 24/7, even in direct sunlight.

    Recent Projects

    Inland Signs installed the signs at the hotel we just renovated and the service was excellent.
    Very good quality work was performed by the installation crew.

    Mike P.

    Joe Silva is the man to ask for. We currently have a sign in the works by them, and even though it has not been installed yet, the patience and customer service from them has been great. We changed our mind a few times and ran into a couple snags with our association, but Joe was always patient, and never acted like I was inconveniencing him. Can’t wait to see what the finished product looks like!

    Ashley M.

    We hired inland signs for our location in woodland hills and are very pleased with the quality of work and customer service. Dave was great to communicate with and the installers did an excellent job. I highly recommend them and will hire them again in the future.

    Vanina H.

    Great service from Dave He made the whole process easy: from applying for sign permit to making sure that the installation is 100 % completed. He kept us posted all the time. Great sign and service. Thank you Dave.

    Anna H.

    Commercial Sign Company Corona, CA

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    Corona Commercial Sign Company


      Choosing A Reliable Corona Commercial Sign Company

      Businesses should consider commercial signage for many reasons. They can both display any information the company wishes to communicate to their customers and are an efficient marketing tool.

      Having good business signs begins with choosing the best signage companies in your area. If you are in Corona, CA, and your web searches have included “commercial sign companies near me,” look no further than Inland Signs, Inc. We specialize in sign manufacturing. We can help you to plan, fabricate, install, and maintain your signs.

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      The Best Corona Custom Building Signs

      Our plan at Inland Signs, Inc., a Corona commercial sign company, is to help you create signs that grab all of your clients’ attention. We make all of the commercial signages our clients need, and they all give our clients’ businesses additional advantages.

      Our decades of experience allow us to design, fabricate, deliver, and manage the installation of the signs we create. Below are the types of signages we offer to our clients.

      • Pylon Signs

        These signs are something most people have seen before, especially when searching for “storefront signs near me.” Often used as a usual option for brand or logo display, these signs can include any information that our clients desire. The most common options include a logo, business tagline, or brand name.

        Pylon signs help customers to locate a business or encourage a potential customer to visit the place. These can become an alternative marketing strategy for companies that use them.

      • Monument Or Ground Signs

        All signs are not made to give the same information. Monument (or ground) signs are perfect for businesses that want a simple, informative solution. Although they can be hard to move or install, we eliminate this hassle by delivering and installing them for our customers.

        These Corona office building signs are installed at ground level and only display important information to the client. We have many customization options and offer our clients different sizes and shapes from which to choose. We also offer decorative options to enhance the sign’s visibility.

      • Channel Letters

        Using this type of sign offers a business a sleek, polished look. It consists of letters that spell out a company’s name, logo (or both) that are illuminated to enhance their professional look.

        The illumination options we offer our clients include front-lit, back-lit, or internally lit components in a variety of colors. This eye-catching sign choice allows a business to always remain visible, even at night. We guide our clients in choosing the proper shape, size, and font choices to enhance their sign’s look.

      • Wall Signs

        Wall signs are essential components of both indoor and outdoor commercial signs. We offer them in many different shapes and sizes depending on our customer’s preferences. If you prefer an illuminated sign, our skills ensure you achieve your ideal look.

        We can also assist in choosing the suitable illumination options for your sign’s use. It can include illumination above, below, or within the signage. These are easy signs to customize since we offer our customers the choice to change the text or logos for each signage.

      • Informational Signage

        This type of signage can be what you’re looking for when searching “building sign company near me.” Perfect for larger companies, these signs provide your customers with information about the services or departments within the building. These office building signs ensure your clients will find what they are looking for quickly while still giving you room to include everything you would like them to know.

        Attention to detail is our specialty. Using our services, we can guarantee that our use of vibrant colors and bold fonts will enhance your clients’ ease of use while not limiting the amount of information you can provide.

      • Blade or Project Signs

        These Corona custom building signs offer maximum visibility from a walkway. Attract more foot traffic by choosing signages that are quick and easy to understand. This category provides perpendicular mounting, thereby occupying less space while remaining very visible. Also available are custom lighting solutions to enhance nighttime visibility.

      • Digital Outdoor Signs

        These Corona outdoor commercial signs act as a big, well-lit message board thanks to their embedded LEDs. In addition to being versatile, they are a very modern option. We have many different styles to choose from, and you can create one-of-a-kind designs that match your company’s branding strategy.

        This type of sign offers a computer connection capability, meaning that you can easily change the sign’s message. It is perfect for companies who frequently need to display new messages or marketing material.

      • Awnings

        If you have searched “storefront signs near me,” you will undoubtedly have come across this type of sign, also known as a canopy sign. They are often lit internally and include a canopy to protect your clients from the elements when entering or exiting your business. They not only add functionality but are also an aesthetically pleasing option. Most clients choose to place them at the business’s main entrance, but they are equally effective at any opening.

      • Dimensional Letters

        These are made from acrylic or metal and are like channel signs in that they can include letters or a logo. The main difference is that they do not support the option for illumination. It might seem lacking, but it can still add visual depth when you opt to include color as part of your lettering or graphic.

      What You Can Expect From Inland Signs, Inc.

      Our experience in the sign-making industry began in 1999. With more than 20 years of experience, you can be assured that our knowledge of sign manufacturing is vast. That experience also enables us to give our clients top-tier service while listening to and adapting to their needs.

      We also offer industry-leading manufacturing practices and quality control for everything we create. We involve our clients in every step of the design process and guarantee that none of the signs we produce are less impressive.

      Finally, the in-house team is equipped with the best equipment and training, ensuring our clients get the best sign every time. They work together to not only satisfy the client but to exceed their expectations.

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      A Well-Rounded Network

      Having collaborated with businesses across the nation, we are confident in giving our clients exactly what they request. Several of the companies we have done business with are listed on our website. They will all agree about our level of expertise and service offerings.

      We educate our clients about all of the options available to them and help them decide what signage is the best fit for their situation. Our design service also guides our clients through the design process to ensure it enhances their brand.

      All of our clients are offered a quote, along with an estimated production timeline. Updates about the fabrication, delivery and installation processes are also included in our routine design process.

      Complete Project Management From Start To Finish

      At Inland Signs, Inc., a Corona sign company, our professional team ensures the efficient process of our clients’ sign manufacturing. They are equipped to deal with any challenges that arise and oversee every aspect of the project to ensure quality sign production.

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      Corona CA Commercial Signage Services

      Aside from having a sparkling reputation in the sign industry, our unique services are always a client-pleaser. Some of these services include:

      Our educated, experienced professionals cater to every component of the production process from start to finish. They enhance efficient fabrication by offering timely, meaningful service to all of our clients.

      From design to final plans, our clients are involved in all of it. We want our clients to know what they will receive once the signage is manufactured.

      We provide the best signs possible. Our modern, computerized equipment and choice of top-notch materials mean we can fabricate signs of the highest quality.
      Production is not complete until the sign is installed. Our professional installers’ expertise includes the installation of both small and large projects. Not only do we deliver the best signages, but we also offer the best work at every job site.
      Most companies have to deal with the headache of permit processing. We take all this away by having a professional team that handles all the permits and ensures they satiate the laws and regulations. We follow through with the process to ensure that the paperwork is submitted and approved.

      Obtaining a permit to install a sign is something many companies have dealt with before. We remove the stress of this part of the process by employing a team that handles and ensures they meet local laws and regulations. Not only do we obtain the permits, but we also follow through to make sure that all the paperwork required is submitted and approved.

      Our transportation team is the best in the business, and we provide all our customers with the personal delivery of their signs. It guarantees that there will be no damage to the signage during the shipping process. If you prefer shipping, we can also provide this service.
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      Why Corona Businesses Choose Us For Corona Office Building Signs

      We aim to give our clients creative signage options. We are a Corona commercial sign company with in-house capabilities to offer quick turnaround times and reasonable, affordable solutions.

      We guarantee all our customers with excellent products since our engineering prowess will save them money and time. Here are other reasons why businesses in Corona, CA, choose us for all their signage needs.

      Our engineering expertise guarantees that our customers are offered excellent products that save them both money and time. Some other reasons why businesses choose our services for their commercial signage needs are included below.

      As a business, you need to conduct your homework when picking a Corona, CA, commercial sign company. Having landed on us, we will offer you everything that you will need for your Ontario, CA outdoor commercial signs. Multiple reviews on our site speak about our reputation, and they assist most businesses in understanding that we are a reliable company.

      When choosing a Corona commercial sign company, it is essential to research your options. We offer everything that you need for your Corona outdoor commercial signs. The reviews here on our website speak highly of our reputation and skills. They are sure to help you understand more about our experience and capabilities.

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        Producing The Best Corona Custom Building Signs With Our 4-Step Process

        It is a statement that we can stand by. Since 1999, we have evolved into the company that we are today. We understand all the clients’ requests and work with them to cultivate a relationship that will be beneficial for both parties. Our signs are made from the best materials, thus being the best quality and durable.

        Since 1999, this is the process we stand by. We understand our clients’ requirements and work with them to create a mutually beneficial relationship. We choose the best materials for our signs, making them durable and high quality.

        Before starting the manufacturing process, we educate our clients on four factors that affect their sign’s effectiveness and placement.

        Step 1


        The sign’s content must match the design and layout. Since it is vital to sign placement, searching for “storefront signs near me” or “commercial sign companies near me” gives our clients more insight into the content being placed on the sign and how it will affect communication with their potential clients.

        The sign’s message must also be consistent with the business’s service offerings. Good signs offer specific information and will help the company to be seen. When talking with our clients, we make sure the sign’s message is both consistent and logical.

        Step 2

        Commercial Sign Size

        A big sign does not necessarily mean that the business will be more successful. The advantage of size is that it helps with visibility. However, we test the size before picking the design, which will work best for our customers. Depending on the target audience, we create a size that is efficient and visible.

        Big signs do not always equal effectiveness. Size can help with visibility, but you should choose it before the design since it affects its efficiency and visibility to the target audience.

        We strive to create a sign that fills the exact needs of your business. If a big sign is what you would like, we work with our clients to ensure it’s always visible. If you choose small signage, we will ensure it is large enough to contain crucial information.

        Step 3


        To create an effective sign, we pay keen attention to the different principles. Some of which include:

        Creating an effective sign requires that attention be paid to many different aspects of the design, which include:

        • Color Choice
        • Placement of Fonts
        • Size of Fonts
        • Placement of Logos

        When designing an efficacious sign, all of these elements are essential. They work together to create a message that your customers will relate to and understand.

        For example, colors determine the level of visibility. We also advise our clients to evaluate their sign’s lighting to be visible in any lighting condition.

        Step 4


        After agreeing on content, size, and layout, the process moves on to positioning. This process guarantees that the sign’s size supports the information it needs to include.

        It also helps to verify that all of the needed information remains visible once it is installed. Being very precise in this step ensures a smooth, trouble-free installation. Get in touch with us to ensure your next project is as effective as possible.

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        The Top Referred Corona Sign Company

        When searching for a “building sign company near me,” Inland Signs, Inc. should be your chosen company. We offer many options that you won’t find anywhere else, all designed to meet your specific needs. Working with our team ensures you understand all of the signage options available to you and how they work best for your brand.

        We are confident you will enjoy working with us. Let us show you the advantages of using us for your next sign purchase.

        Enhanced Communication

        We are good at making the best signs in the industry. Therefore, placing them inside or in front of your business will get your customers talking. Great signages will achieve more than inform. By looking for a “building sign company near me” and working with our in-house team, we will design a sign to accomplish this. It is a sign which can show your customers how attractive your business is.

        We make the best signs in the industry and understand that good signs do more than just inform your customers. They also show off your business’s attractiveness while also keeping your customers talking about your brand. By working with our in-house personnel, we can design a sign that achieves just that.

        As a result, your company will enjoy more opportunities for repeat business. When choosing another sign company, you risk receiving unsatisfactory results, which will deter your customers from using your company. When you choose us, you won’t regret your decision.


        We create signs depending on the client’s budget. With the different options that our customers can choose from, we have every sign option for all our clients.

        Our signs are designed with a client’s budget in mind. We offer many signage options, all designed to keep your sign purchase on a budget.

        These cost-effective options will be not only attractive to your customers but also a valuable marketing tool. Our design team will go through the customer’s marketing strategy to know of the different signage designs to recommend. Good signs will offer businesses consistency since they can communicate better with their customers.

        Not only do our cost-effective options make your business attractive to potential customers, but they are also part of a great branding strategy. Since good signs are good communication tools, our team will review your marketing strategy to determine the best signs to recommend.

        Creating Brand Awareness

        A sign’s goal is to enhance your brand. For the signage to be effective, you must choose a company that knows how to use signage to communicate with your clients and encourage connectedness with your target audience.

        We offer our clients the ability to create a sign that best showcases their company’s values, making it easier for them to connect with their clients.

        Competitive Advantage

        We provide our clients with unique sign options that you will not find anywhere else. Not only are they eye-catching, but their quality also acts as a differentiator when compared to similar companies. By developing a relationship with our clients, it is easy to create a unique sign.

        In addition, we also advise our clients about placement options for their signs. Since it is a crucial element of the marketing strategy, identifying high-traffic areas where the signage is always visible is essential.

        Online-Offline Connection

        Nowadays, most businesses are moving all their efforts online. It is effective, and it can get you more clients in no time. With the best signs, it is easier to merge the two. That is, get your clients online and interact with those who love brick-and-mortar practices.

        Most businesses are moving their sales efforts online because it is easy to gain more clients in less time. When paired with a good sign, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: customers who prefer an online experience and those who appreciate traditional shopping practices.

        We enable businesses to gain both types of customers by using storefront signs that identify the building and give information about the company’s website and social media presence.

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        Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

        Yes. We even offer lighting on several of our sign options. We can also give your business “a little something extra” with our canopy sign choices.
        Yes. Since signs are most effective when installed correctly and in a good location, we offer installation on our manufactured signs. We can even help you choose a location and obtain the required permits.
        Whether you have a new business or an existing operation, signs increase brand recognition, help to gain new customers, and retain current customers. In addition, they are a great way to launch a new marketing campaign.
        Yes. Whether you prefer to create a design from scratch or use our pre-made templates, our designers will work with you to achieve the perfect look and ensure that you are kept “in the loop” during the entire process.