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    Attract Loyal Customers With Channel Letter Signs In Irvine, CA

    Would you like to make a lasting first impression on your foot traffic in Irvine and surrounding areas? Would you like to grow your loyal customer base? Then, you’re in the right place! We will help you strengthen your business brand to set your business apart from competitors. This one step can help you stand out to your potential customer base and raise brand awareness for your company.

    We will help you maintain a traffic flow in and out of your local business. By working to build your specific business image, you will also enhance your reputation. As one of the best Irvine channel letter signage designers, our service will increase your business’s brand awareness with our high-quality, creative products and professional service.

    The unique, creative, and eye-catching presentation of your brand is one of the first steps to more effective business marketing. We will help make your ideas for your brand a reality with the signs you need for the future success of your business.

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    Our Company Offers Irvine Channel Letter Signs For Any Business

    Channel letter signage utilizes large, illuminated letters for your outdoor signs, making this kind of lettering one of the best choices for your business’ outdoor signage. We want your storefront to be attention-getting but also warm and welcoming. We have three options for the way you can illuminate your outdoor signage.

    • Front-Lit Channel Letters

      Front-lit channel letters, otherwise known as face-illuminated letter faces, use typical characters lit in front with neon or LED lights. The front and back of the letters are made with aluminum.

      The face of these letters is acrylic or polycarbonate, and the returns and backs are aluminum. Trim caps are incorporated to support the front of the letter to the backside. The return is used to give the lettering a dimensional look.

      These are commonly used for business displays because they are versatile and easy to customize.

    • Backlit Channel Letters (Halo Or Reverse Channel Letters)
      Backlit channel letters (also known as halo letters) give the lettering a halo effect. This signage is made with stainless steel faces and aluminum returns. The halo effect from the backlit letters creates the illusion of a suspended, glowing sign. Light-colored concrete, stucco, or aluminum are the best surfaces to use for this type of signage. The LED backlighting makes the signage stand out from far away, and they are visible even in rain or fog. It is a popular type of illumination for marketing businesses.

    • Combined Back/Front-Lit Channel Letters
      We can even make lettering with a combination of backlit and front-lit illumination. The sides of these letters are made with aluminum, the face with polycarbonate, and the back is left open to reflect the neon or LED lights.

    Channel Letters Attract More Foot Traffic

    If you need the best Irvine illuminated signage letters you can get, Inland Signs, Inc. is ready to serve you. You will join the ranks of the most popular local businesses when you choose us for your lettering. We provide excellently designed, professional products every time, and we dedicate ourselves to precise attention to every detail when we fulfill your order. We are highly invested in your satisfaction.


    Inland Signs, Inc. Is Your Top Irvine Channel Letter Choice

    Our channel letter fabrication in Irvine uses detailed technology guided by performance and dimension, with a lighting system that enhances it aesthetically. Fabrication methods used to be more difficult to figure out, but now, it’s easy to get custom signage with state-of-the-art graphic design technology. Automated broaching ensures precision and uniformity throughout the fabrication process. In addition, Inland Signs, Inc. uses only the highest quality materials, like lasting LED lights, strong metal bars, and plastics to guarantee the longevity of your signage.

    Irvine residents prefer Inland Signs, Inc. over other channel letter sign companies. We can give you a free consultation to hear your signage ideas and learn more about your budget. During your consultation, we will discuss these details:

    • Type of lettering
    • Options for mounting your sign

    • Budget

    • Permitting

    • The atmosphere of your business location

    You will have all the time you need to browse our extensive signage portfolio to choose your sign, and then we will design the sample. After this selection process, we plan the techniques we will use to build your signage. Finally, we will create a budget and bill estimate, and after you have confirmed the sign, we will make it!

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      Consider Additional Signage To Stand Apart From Your Competition

      You can rely on our professionalism for your additional signs, like:

      • Architectural Signs
      • Monument Signs
      • Custom Signs
      • Pylon Signs
      • And More!

      Architectural Signs

      Architectural signs keep the business identity present by utilizing building elements and materials in the design. We also consider the message that your company wants to send when we design your new sign. The type of business determines which materials will be used, including brick, glass, stone, or marble. These signs are exclusively for schools, churches, hospitals, and museums. Because these signs will experience all types of weather outdoors, we choose appropriate and durable materials to make them last.

      Monument Signs

      If you would like the perfect addition to a multi-tenant building or business premise, add a monument sign! These signs are also designed with building aspects and materials chosen with care due to the exposure to weather. Monument signs take up more space, but their traditional and grounded design commands respect and authority.

      Custom Signs

      At Inland Signs, Inc., our professionals understand the unique needs of your business for custom signage. We can use different techniques and specialized tools to bring your ideas to life. We are focused on meeting all of your needs for your new sign, so as part of the design process, we create functional models that will be used to produce your custom sign.

      Pylon Signs

      Business parks, shopping malls, and other businesses wanting to establish their local presence can use pylon signs. This type of sign would contain a list of the occupants in the building. By helping to identify the businesses in one place, pylon signs can save a great deal on your marketing budget. In addition, with business names lined up evenly on the single board, tenants of the building can share costs.

      Many large signs, banners, and logos can result in a cluttered look on the building and confuse clients and customers. With a pylon sign, stores are quicker and easier to identify. Pylon signs can also provide directions. Businesses in Irvine prefer their pylon signs to be made by Inland Signs, Inc. for a quality product with a labor guarantee.

      We value our clients’ preferences and opinions. We know your unique and creative business identity is essential to you, so we do our best to accommodate your requirements. A search of “channel letter signs near me” on any search engine will turn us up as your preferred custom signage designer in Irvine, CA. Call us today for your free consultation. Our experts can even install your signs and perform any routine maintenance services your business signs may need in Irvine.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Our signs are exterior fixtures that would help clients and customers identify your business. We have many types of signs to choose from that can improve the visibility and, therefore, your business’s sales.
      Monument signs tend to be short and stocky. Pylon signs are tall and thin. Pylon signs are great for industrial areas where consumers will need to see the signage from a distance away, but monument signs are better for schools, parks, hospitals, and museums.
      Absolutely! Any sign that Inland Signs, Inc. is commissioned for can be customized for your needs and within your budget. These signs can be made with three-dimensional lettering, with illumination in various places, and can be built with different materials as needed.
      Each city has different ordinances for signs, specifying the height and width requirements of the signage. For example, some rules may determine a maximum sign size within residential areas.
      Signs help you enhance your brand, increase your brand awareness, display information about your business, provide directions to your location, and advertise sales and promotions.
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