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    We have all heard that the first impression you give someone is essential. When it comes to your business, your first impression must always be a good one if you plan on making money. Your business name must be visible and appropriately designed to make your first impression with your customers a great one.

    Let our company help you increase customer traffic. If you have been searching for “channel letter signs near me,” then look no more. Inland Signs, Inc. knows that a business must create a good image. To do that, we offer channel letter signage that will display your business name clearly and creatively.

    We are leading the way in channel letter fabrication in Corona, CA. With our signs, we can help your business increase customer traffic. Brand presentation and marketing are essential for your business, and they should be trusted by a company that cares.

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    We Offer Corona, CA Channel Letter Signs

    Channel letters for outdoor signs are illuminated and large. They are used for various types of businesses and retailers. There are two types: front-lit channel letters and back-lit channel letters. The main difference between the two types has to do with how they are lit up.

    • Front-Lit Channel Letters (Face-Illuminated)

      Front-lit channel letters are common and are sometimes called face-illuminated letters. The letter is blocked and is surrounded by aluminum. It utilizes LEDs or neon lights. Generally, most letter faces are made from some type of plastic material like acrylic or polycarbonate.

      Some standard terms in the channel letter signage business are returns and backs and trim caps. The return helps to make the letter three-dimensional. As for the trim cap, it gives support to the plastic face. Front-lit channel letters are versatile and easily customizable.

    • Backlit Channel Letters (Halo Or Reverse Channel Letters)

      Our Corona, CA illuminated signage letters that are backlit are designed to give a halo effect. Therefore they are often called a halo or reverse channel letters. This type of channel letter is either made with a combination of aluminum and stainless steel. Their metal faces and aluminum returns give off an impressive halo light effect that makes the sign appear to be suspended and glowing. LED backlighting helps this type of sign stand out, especially at night or in the rain. They are sure to draw customers in as they are apparent.

    • Combined Back And Front-Lit Channel Letter Signage

      This sign utilizes aluminum letter sides with polycarbonate faces and an open back to reflect the LED or neon light illumination.

    Channel Letter Signage Lights The Way

    Are you looking for the best Corona, CA channel letter signage? Then Inland Signs, Inc. has you covered. We guarantee excellent and professional signage from our skilled team that delivers the best service. From large to small, we complete projects on time and within budget. We are the leading Corona, CA channel letter sign company.


    From Fabrication To Maintenance, We Are Here For You

    Channel letter fabrication is done so with dimension, functionality, and technology. In the past, creating channel letters was complicated and took a long time to develop. However, our company embraces the best graphic designers for signs and the latest technology concerning lights to fabricate with automated broaching. This approach allows us to ensure accuracy, quality, and uniformity. We use high-quality materials and hardware along with the best LED lights and top-quality plastic to bring you the best sign in Corona, CA.

    We have an excellent reputation in the area as a company that listens and delivers what you need in a sign. With our design team, we will ensure you get your idea across and developed so that it works for your business and brand. During the open discussions in our first consultation with you, we will discuss the following:

    • Type of signage you need
    • Mounting options (Direct, Raceway, or Backer)
    • Your Budget
    • Permits
    • The surrounding environment where the sign will go

    We will take you through our portfolio to prompt your creative juices if you do not have an idea already in mind. After the consultation, we will conceive the appropriate techniques for sign construction. Once you confirm your satisfaction with your sign and do a budget review, we will continue building and making your sign.

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      Consider Additional Signage In Corona, CA

      Businesses choose us for our professionalism and reliability. We offer various signage such as:

      • Architectural signs
      • Monument signs
      • Pylon signs
      • Custom signage

      Architectural Signs

      Architectural signs are all different because they integrate both the business’s identity, the building’s materials, and design. Both monuments and architectural signs are fabricated using various materials such as faux stone, natural stone, marble, brick, or glass. From museums to schools, churches, and hospitals, these signs are exposed to the elements, and they need to be durable and utilize long-lasting materials and paints.

      Monument Signs

      As a stunning entrance or utilized to showcase multi-tenants, monument signs are a perfect choice. They come with a building aspect like mentioned above and can take up quite a bit of space. Monument signs, like architectural signs, have a traditional feel that makes them a timeless choice.

      Pylon Signs

      Pylon signs help a business showcase its name. The names are listed out, which allows each business to save on its marketing budgets. A business park can benefit from this type of sign. They can also have their names listed on the sign using message boards for directional purposes and identification.

      Businesses throughout Corona, CA, really like pylon signage from our company. These signs are a fantastic way to declutter a shopping center or business parks’ tenant names. With a modern and neat look, clients and customers are more apt to come in and visit when they can see who is located there.

      Custom Signage

      We love designing custom signs. They are creative, adventurous and showcase a business’s brand. Our company will develop a custom sign that is functional yet unique. From concepts and mockups, we will walk through the process with you step by step and implement a final design that shows your identity while being practical.

      Your location, brand, building materials, and lighting will all be considered when designing and constructing your Corona, CA channel letter sign for your business. Our client’s needs and wants are always met to the best of our abilities. We strive to keep you on budget and on time when it comes to delivering you a custom sign. Our goal is to promote local companies and offer stellar customer service.

      Feel free to call us today to schedule a channel letter sign consultation. Let us help you bring life to your business and increase your customer traffic. At Inland Signs, Inc., we offer installation, routine maintenance, and repair services for Corona, CA illuminated signage letters.

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