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    Reach All Of Your Clients With ADA Compliant Signage

    A company’s signage does very little if some people cannot read what the displayed sign says. That is one reason why making sure you have ADA signs in Ontario, CA, is so vital. ADA signs are much more than braille signage; they must also be visible for people with other disabilities, such as color blindness. We at Inland Signs, Inc. are your solution if you have been looking for “ADA signs near me” with no success.


    Inland Signs, Inc. For Custom ADA Braille Signs In Ontario, CA

    Our company has been making custom signs since 1999. We have the experience necessary to continue to be industry leaders, and all of our signs are designed to fulfill a particular purpose specifically. Our ADA signs are no different. Our signs can be customized to your needs to make sure they are ADA compliant, including braille. Our expertise allows us to move swiftly with every project we undertake, creating the perfect product for all of our clients. Our success depends on the success our clients see with our custom signs. That’s why we always put innovation and customer satisfaction first.

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    The Premiere ADA Sign Factory In Ontario, CA

    There are many reasons you should implement ADA signs into your business; however, if you don’t use quality signs, you won’t be getting the most out of your investment. Our company has been providing businesses with the most professional signage, and we are continually innovating our products.

    There are a variety of different places to implement ADA signage. You must decide which types of ADA signs will be a positive addition to your business and benefit your clients. Below are just a few of the places or reasons to bring in a few ADA signs.

    • Stairway signs
    • Bathroom signs
    • Exit signs
    • No smoking signs
    • Handicap Accessibility signs
    • Phone signs
    • Fire emergency signs
    • Fire extinguisher signs
    • Elevator signs
    • Directional signs
    • Room signs
    • Reserved parking signs

    There are specific reasons why a company may wish to implement custom ADA signs in Ontario, CA, into their businesses. Some jurisdictions and industries even require ADA-compliant signage for specific areas. It is essential to be aware of this to avoid any penalties or fines to your business. Stop looking for “ADA signs near me” and contact us today. We can answer any questions about the legal ins-and-outs of custom braille signs in Ontario, CA you may have and help you get your business on its way to meeting ADA compliance standards. Why keep searching for “the best braille signs near me” when you could give us a call and get answers from the experts?

    Certain disadvantages could plague a company that ignores these types of signs. Order braille signs for your Ontario, CA business today and see all the benefits that come along with them.

    Customer Satisfaction Is Our Goal With Our ADA Signage In Ontario, CA

    We will work closely with you to understand your needs and provide you with everything you want and more.

    ADA signage in Ontario, CA, can bring a look of professionalism and importance to your company. More importantly, it will help those who are disabled be able to navigate your business efficiently. It can increase sales, showing the community that you care about them, thus increasing brand recognition.

    Our custom signs also mean you can have everything exactly how you want. Templated signs won’t limit you. Our custom ADA signs in Ontario, CA, can complement your branding and style, all while serving the purpose of assisting those who are visually impaired.

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    The Best Braille Signs In Ontario, CA

    You have likely already seen a few of our braille signs without knowing. We work with all types of clients. There is no business too small or too large to take advantage of custom braille signs in Ontario, CA. There aren’t many other ways to improve your business in such a big way than implementing our custom signage. Stop searching the internet for “braille signs near me” and give us a call. We can explain all the great benefits of our signs.

    Braille office signs in Ontario, CA from Inland Signs, Inc. can make many customers feel welcomed. People with visual impairments are less likely to be returning customers to businesses that don’t specifically accommodate them. They will appreciate the effort you put into making your business accessible and likely become a recurring customer.

    Finding a good braille sign in Ontario, CA, doesn’t have to be complicated. Give us a call to schedule an appointment with us, and we can discuss what would work best for your company. Our ADA sign factory in Ontario, CA, is sure to produce a set of signs you can be proud of.

    ADA Compliant Process

    Our process for creating braille signage in Ontario, CA, doesn’t begin at production; it starts when we first meet up with you. We like to involve our customers in the entire process, beginning with design. Aside from the sign’s purpose – to assist the visually impaired – there are a few factors you need to keep in mind before we begin manufacturing your signs.

    • Shape

    • Size

    • Purpose

    • Branding

    There are many different purposes a braille sign can have. Their primary goal is to give the visually impaired a way to read certain information; however, the information’s content can be endless. You could merely install signs to help a blind person navigate, or you could install a braille sign in Ontario, CA, to help customers understand what services you offer.

    The size and shape of your ADA signs in Ontario, CA are also important. You will want to customize these signs to match your current signage, or perhaps you’ll want a brand new product. Either way, you’ll enjoy the size and shape to match any existing branding. We at Inland Signs, Inc. can assist you with this task.

    ADA Signage F.A.Q.s

    Yes. We make Braille signs for many different industries, including office spaces.
    ADA signs are required in most public access areas and employee-only areas.
    The perfect ADA-compliant sign will include both tactile letters and braille. The specifications say that the braille must be Grade 2. The tactile lettering is required to be 1/32nd of an inch and all capital letters.
    ADA signs are made of high contrasting colors to make it easier for all to read. Dark blue and white are popular colors for ADA signage.
    Four symbols can be used on an ADA sign – a wheelchair, an ear, keyboard, and phone – are authorized to be used on certified ADA signage. Each of these symbols signifies a specific function to help people better understand the sign’s purpose.
    ADA signage often requires particular installation requirements. Our company can install all signage for you, meaning you won’t have to worry about meeting certified installation requirements yourself.
    ADA parking signs must include the wheelchair symbol and be mounted at least 60 inches from the ground.
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