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    Reach All Of Your Clients With ADA Signs In Corona, CA

    If you have recently searched the internet for “ADA signs near me,” then you know that it is essential for a business to have proper ADA signage for compliance. This type of signage is more than just making a braille sign and hanging it up. ADA signs have to follow a particular set of rules.

    ADA stands for Americans with Disabilities Act. The act was put into place so that it can help those with disabilities. The ADA provides regulations for those with businesses so that those with disabilities can have proper safety and access. For those who are vision-impaired or blind, appropriate signage needs to be available.

    When searching for “braille signs near me,” you may also come across the term tactile sign. This type of sign will have raised lettering and braille. Per SAD (ADA Standards for Accessible Design), signage needs to be displayed for those who are blind at doorways and around the facility to serve their customers better.


    Custom ADA Braille Signs In Corona, CA

    Since 1999, Inland Signs, Inc. has been making various signs that include monument, architectural, led, pylon, and channel letter. In addition to these, our commercial sign company has been making ADA signs for businesses in the community. Our experience and knowledge about ADA signage and regulations make us the industry leader in commercial signage in Corona, CA.

    Our custom ADA signs for Corona businesses will exceed your expectations. We will go through each step from the initial consult to post-install maintenance to ensure that you have the signs you need for compliance. We have skilled designers and installers who work swiftly and efficiently to get you your signages on time, every time.

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    The Leading ADA Sign Factory For Corona, CA

    In public areas, ADA signs are required in a variety of places. Some of the places ADA signage is needed are:

    • Entrances and exits
    • Stairways
    • Inaccessible entrances and exits
    • Restrooms
    • Elevators
    • Phones
    • No smoking areas
    • Directional signage

    At Inland Signs, Inc., we can help create and put up ADA signs for your business to comply with and meet the ADA requirements. An ADA sign should be mounted on the wall where the handle side of the door is located. When installing and mounting ADA signage, let us take care of the process, so you don’t have to worry about meeting the state requirements.

    We Strive To Provide Customer Satisfaction With Our ADA Signs In Corona, CA

    At Inland Signs Inc., we strive to put innovation and customer satisfaction first for our customers. If you have been searching for the best braille signs for Corona, then you have found the right company to help you. Your satisfaction and the experience you have working with our company are important to us.

    In addition to following the above regulations regarding ADA compliance, we also help to obtain permits and any other necessary information that you will need for your ADA sign install. Our project management team will review your design, documents, and budget before proceeding with the fabrication and installation of your business signs.

    Post-install, we are happy to provide you with maintenance and repair of your signs if you need it. Signage, especially exterior, needs to stay well lit and clean to be visible during the day and night. Should your signages need repair or replacement, please give us a call, and we will be happy to help you.

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    The Best Custom Braille Signs for Corona, CA

    More often than not, you have seen ADA signage in various businesses. By implementing this type of signage, you can reach all of your customers and make them feel welcomed. Braille office signs for Corona, CA will help customers navigate your business, encouraging them to feel comfortable to visit again.

    As you may have noticed, ADA signage generally deals with interior signs; however, some exterior signage must adhere to regulations too. Classrooms, bathrooms, and other permanent public rooms accessible by a door to the outside will need proper ADA signs.

    Exterior parking signs for the disabled are also regulated. With so many regulations, you can trust that Inland Signs, Inc. will help you navigate how and where your braille signage for Corona will need to be mounted.

    ADA-Compliant Process By Inland Signs, Inc.

    When creating braille signage for you, we like to make sure you are involved from start to finish. Aside from the essential purpose of these signs, there are other factors we consider when manufacturing ADA compliant signs, and they are:

    • Size
    • Shape
    • Purpose
    • Branding

    All of the above will be handled by us with your input. We will ensure that you receive the proper signage and that it is placed following the regulations. We can customize the signage so that it flows with your current signage. Call us and get a free estimate!

    F.A.Q.s for ADA Signage

    We can make braille signage for Corona, CA offices, schools, hospitals, and more. For over 20 years, we have been a successful commercial sign company specializing in ADA-compliant signs.
    These types of signs are required in most public places and employee-only areas mounted on the wall at certain heights in specified places per regulation. In some cases, they can be mounted on doors. With so many rules, we handle all the sign placement so that you don’t have to.
    The best ADA sign for the visually impaired will be a sign that includes both braille and tactile letters. Specifications for this say that braille must be Grade 2, and tactile lettering must be 1/32nd of an inch and in all capital letters. These signs are helpful as they provide two forms of communication.
    Generally, this type of signage uses high contrasting colors to be easier to read by everyone. Popular colors that are often used are dark blue and white. We will work with you to decide the best color and design for your ADA signage for Corona.
    The symbols of a wheelchair, a phone, an ear, and a keyboard are all approved for ADA signages. Each one of these symbols helps people better understand a sign’s function.
    There are particular signage requirements when it comes to installation. Our skilled installation team will be happy to handle your ADA sign placement to ensure they comply with the ADA regulations.
    Parking signs for people with disabilities must include a symbol for a wheelchair. The signages must also be mounted at least 60 in above the ground’s surface.

    We have got you covered, whether it is a custom sign with your business name or a braille sign for Corona compliance. From regulatory signage to bringing your brand to life, our company is committed to getting your business seen and keeping it in compliance.

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